The Wolpertinger are German Gallain Fae for Changeling: The Dreaming .

Overview Edit

The wolpertinger aren’t new to the Dreaming, but they are new to Kithain society. Until the Resurgence, they were a race of chimera birthed by dreams of mysterious, unknown creatures hidden away in the inaccessible wilderness. While they originated in Germany, their myth spread the world over, taking on many different names, such as jackalopes in the United States or skvader in Sweden. They were hunted as pests by the Kithain for their tendency to nest in freeholds and extinguish them.

The Glamour of the Resurgence fortified their dream so strongly they became a kith in their own right. Some wolpertinger believe that a great sacrifice was also involved, but try as they might, they can’t remember any details. Now, they’re trying to find their new place in the world — a task made more complicated because they try not to stay in one place long for fear of damaging the local freeholds.

Appearance & Lifestyle Edit

Wolpertinger are hybrid creatures. They usually have the hind legs of a rabbit, wings of a hawk, and antlers of an elk, but other combinations of animals are known. They prefer professions that keep them close to nature such as biologists, ecologists, or park rangers.

Birthrights Edit

  • Affinity - Nature
  • Voracious Grazing - As chimera, competition for Glamour was fierce. They developed a method of quickly consuming as much Glamour as possible. When a wolpertinger gains Glamour from a freehold they gain an additional point.
  • Prey Alertness - Before they were Kithain, wolpertinger were prey animals hunted for their Glamour. To survive they developed a keen situational awareness. Any attempts to sneak up on or surprise one of them by mundane means automatically fail. Additionally they gain a -2 difficulty to see through magical means of deception.

Frailty Edit

  • Unquenchable Appetite - What was once a survival mechanism is now a liability. A wolpertinger takes Glamour from freeholds faster than the balefire can replenish itself. For every week they spend in a freehold, the freehold's rating is reduced by one. If they leave before the site is reduced to zero, the freehold regains its rating by one point per week.

References Edit

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