Wolfhome is one of the Near Realms, located in Earth's Near Umbra. It is frequented by Garou.

This realm is a vast expanse of pristine wilderness. Answers to primal mysteries are hidden here. All werewolves arriving in Wolfhome immediately shift into Lupus form, but they cannot shift back from their wolf forms for the duration of their stay. One must master the ways of the wolf to survive. Some travelers attest it’s a realm where wolves are dominant, where the once-great cities of mankind now lie in ruins, overrun by the wilderness. Others describe it as a harsh and unforgiving realm where wolves can become prey as easily as they assume their roles as predators. Spirits resembling human hunters have been seen here, whether they’re laying traps for the unwary or hunting packs from passing helicopters.

When lupus elders are angry, they send arrogant homids (or wayward lupus) to Wolfhome, not only to remind them of their lupine nature, but also to prepare them for a world that’s increasingly hostile to the Earth’s surviving population of wolves.

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