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Witch Finders is a sourcebook for Hunter: The Vigil. This book puts an emphasis on hunters who go after mages, witches, and other humans who practice magic in violation of the laws of man.


From the Onyx Path catalog:

Suffer Not the Witch To Live
With words of power and forbidden wisdom, they unlock the doors of reality. But when those doors are unlocked, anything is free to slip through. Too often, these sorcerers call up what they cannot put down. Against the devastation of unleashed horrors and unchained magic, one must be vigilant.
A Character Book for Hunter: The Vigil™
  • A long look into the history of the struggle between hunters and witches, laden with story hooks.
  • Three new compacts and one new conspiracy: the liar-brotherhood of the Knights of Saint George who perform rites from their Goetic Gospels
  • Several new advantages for hunters when in battle with mages, including new Tactics and Endowments
  • A look at Philadelphia from the perspective of the war between hunter and sorcerer.

Following Harriet, Parts One-Four

Continuing story inserted between each chapter.


Chapter One: A History of the Witch

A long history of how hunters and witches have fought through the ages.

Chapter Two: Call and Response

Covers the established compacts and conspiracies views on witches, and introduces three new compacts (Division Six, Keepers of the Source, and The Promethean Brotherhood) and one new conspiracy, the Knights of Saint George.

Chapter Three: Magic Tricks

New Endowments for old and new conspiracies alike, as well as a section of new tactics and how to create a witch from scratch.

Chapter Four: Spellbound

Storytelling and witches, including witch types, tools, and power sources, religion and witches, familiars, and the next chapter of the Philadelphia chronicle, Witchcraft in the Cradle of Liberty.

Background Information

The third chapter notes using Mage: The Awakening as a reference for enemy creation is preferred; the information contained is for those who do not wish to use Mage or do not have access to a copy.

Memorable Quotes


  • Mister Jones, head contact of Division Six.
  • Starflower, founder of the Keepers of the Source.


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