The Wire Man is a Nocker assassin and member of the Monkey's Paw.

Overview Edit

Wire Man

This shadowy figure uses wires, both chimerical and Cold Iron, to kill his targets. Ruthless and crazed, he has eluded the best attempts of both Courts to bring him to justice. No one knows his true appearance but it is known that he insinuates himself into his victim's confidence before striking. His primary targets are Seelie nobles, especially Sidhe and Trolls, but he has accepted at least one assignment against the Shadow Court. His methods usually involve subtle traps; instilling terror in his victims seems to be especially important. Many believe he was the mastermind behind the the recent assassination attempt on Queen Laurel.

Some fear the Wire Man serves older and more dangerous masters than the Monkey's Paw. In fact, the growing consensus is that he is not a Changeling at all but one of the original Arcadian nockers.

References Edit

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