Winter Masques is a sourcebook for Changeling: The Lost. It contains more options for player characters, in particular more information on the Seemings - including new Kiths and Contracts - and of Court structures beyond the seasonal courts common in the Western world.


From the Onyx Path catalog:

The winter light is pale and bright
And so the serpent basks,
The Beast is bowed beneath the plow,
The djinn rest in their flasks,
The craftsman’s made to fit his trade,
The workers match their tasks,
On snowy floor, we waltz the score,
We masquers are our masks.
— Calcan Vocel
This book includes:
  • Extended information on the seemings, from their durance to new Contract lists
  • Greater detail on roleplaying the core kiths, and guidelines for crafting or customizing more
  • A look at changelings around the world, customizing their appearance and abilities to match culture or myth
  • 41 new kiths, 6 new Courts, three new Entitlements and more

Prologue: Shell Game

Fiction. Veles, a Moon Court spy, is captured by the Ogre Captain Doco and his Hounds of the Day.


An explanation of the book's goals (variety and multiculturalism), followed by a guide to the chapters that follow.

Chapter One: Six Masks

An in-depth treatment of the six changeling Seemings, including a new affinity Contract for each and discussions of the character traits and experiences that each may have.

Chapter Two: A Hundred Cousins

More details of the Kiths presented in the core rulebook, as well as new Kiths for all six seemings.

Chapter Three: The Thousand Courts

This chapter addresses the nature of Changelings and their societies outside of the Western world. It includes additional Kiths to fill niches in the stories of different cultures and two examples of Court systems other than the seasonal Courts. There are also guidelines for creating characters based on folk tales from around the world.

Background Information

Memorable Quotes

"He never tried to tell you about his character."
-- Greg Stolze's description of Thomas Manning




True Fae


Arcadia, Changelings, Courts Summer Court, Autumn Court, Winter Court, Spring Court, Sun Court, Moon Court, Court of the North, Court of the East, Court of the South, Court of the West, Faerie, fetches, Goblin fruits, the Hedge, Hobgoblins, True Fae


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