Winter is a Nervosa created by Terry Wood during his imprisonment in the Denholm Institute.

Overview Edit

Winter appears as a stooped old man, showing all the signs and infirmities of age. It is the nervosa which has been forming as a result of Terry's imprisonment. This Chimera is apparently the living personification of the coming Endless Winter. As soon as it reaches its full power (by absorbing as many other nervosa as possible) it will leave the Institute for the riper pickings outside. It will then begin searching for and raiding glades, freeholds, and other sources of Glamour with the hopes of ultimately weakening them. Its goal is simply to devour Glamour.

Powers Edit

  • Winter's Icy Touch: With but a touch, Winter can cause a changeling to either loose a temporary point of Glamour or gain a temporary point of Banality. For this to succeed, it must succeed in an opposed Willpower roll against its opponent. Winter's Willpower is 8.

References Edit

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