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Dr. Winston Brown is an 88-year-old white mage from Lawrence, Kansas. In 1999 he traveled to Iraq with his grad student/apprentice Bryan to uncover an original copy of the Sebel-al-Mafough Whash.


Brown's grandmother Ingrid was a notorious Nephandus, and responsible for the murder of Brown's wife Evelyn. He worked with Grumes looking for a way to defeat her permanently.

In 1999, Grumes sent Brown to Iraq in search of the Sebel-al-Mafough Whash, a powerful grimoire. Their early search in Al-Hillah and Baghdad were a bust, although Brown did "deal with" a vampire named al-Moriyah. When he finally learned the tablets containing the Whash were in at the British Museum, he sent Bryan to retrieve them.

With the tablets, Brown was able to summon Ea, the Babylonian god of the underworld ocean and father of Marduk. He and Ea hit it off immediately, and after Ea taught Brown a few key spells for dealing with Nephandi, Brown agreed to escort Ea on a sight-seeing trip around America before dealing with his grandmother. He also sent many of the spells to his colleagues in the Order of Hermes, and one in particular to a Virtual Adept named Hendrik.

Brown finished his last journal entry: "After that, Evelyn, I'll see you soon."