Lord Wilmaron Greenlance is an Iku Eshu Wilder from the Kingdom of Smoke and the unofficial leader of the Shadow Court in Albion.


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This dashing noble has caught the eye of more than one lady in the courts of Albion and his dalliances are nearly-legendary. This doesn't seem to phase Lady Greenlance, though, who seems equally prolific when it comes to romance.

Wilmaron spends his days among mortals as the C.E.O. of an advertising firm. After choosing just the right art and the right slogan from those his underlings propose, he is a master of closing the deal. The Glamour he ravages from his employees is just icing on the cake. If he were in a London firm he might be relegated to answering phones and making copies but as the head of his own firm in scenic downtown Nottingham, he travels to Paris, Stockholm, and Madrid regularly, staying in touch with clients who know that to get your money's worth it's best to avoid pricey London firms.

He also acts as the unofficial head of the Shadow Court in Albion. Among his current pupils is King Morwyd of the Kingdom of Mist, with whom he has been corresponding for some time. When the time is right, the child will make a valuable asset to the court and might even prove the High King the country has needed for so long.

  • NB: If one reads about the Greenlance dynasty in the article on Nottingham, there are a few oddities. It claims the shire is run by two sidhe, but here it claims Lord Greenlance is an Eshu. Storytellers will have to figure this out on their own.


Lord Greenlance is a man with a vision, unlike that idiot Wheelwright and the rest. While all the other fae bemoan the loss of Camelot, he is moving forward. It is only by adapting to the ways of the changed world that any of the fae will survive, and he intends to be on top when it's all sorted out.


Wilmaron is a dark-haired Romany with flashing obsidian eyes and the very image of Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. He is a pianist of some renown and his long, slender fingers move with inhuman dexterity across the keyboard, bringing unearthly melodies as well as familiar tunes from his instrument.


He carries a wicked-looking serrated longsword with an emerald win its hilt. Some fae claim it once belonged to a knight who betrayed their lord but Lord Greenlance dismisses this as foolish nonsense. The blade does give its wielder an advantage in defense as it adds +1 to the wielder's Dodge score.


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