Willow is a Totem of the Nunnehi.

Overview Edit

Willow loves water and prospers best near river banks and in moist regions. In the Southern United States, willows serve as a source of both shade and adornment. Willow bark tea is a potent herbal curative, while his wood and branches can be used to make beautiful and useful objects, such as baskets and woven jewelry. The ability of Willow to withstand strong winds has achieved the status of folk legend. At once strong and pliant, Willow embodies inner strength and adaptability.

Traits & Taboo Edit

  • GlyphTotem
    Background Cost:

Traits Edit

Willow gives his Nunnehi children an extra point of Stamina and Crafts 1.

Taboo (Ban) Edit

Children of Willow must seek to protect willow trees from wanton destruction.

References Edit

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