William Arthur Smith, aka 1110010100, was a member of Iteration X who rebelled against the convention after a fight at a Sons of Ether chantry. He sent a length description of the convention and its weaknesses to Paradigma before his rebellion was discovered.

Biography Edit

Smith was born with thalidomide syndrome and grew up dealing with his mother's smothering guilt and his cousins' relentless bullying. He became a civil engineer, but still lived with his parents due to his disability. Iteration X reeled him in by offering him increasingly sophisticated assistive technology and the promise of greater independence.

After faking Smith's death, the convention sent him to the Acme Pyrotechnics Institute for "De-Ciphering" (training and indoctrination) with the aid of a neural implant called a Digital Enhancement Interface. During Smith's De-Ciphering, he was harassed by another trainee, known as Cipher 111011010. When Cipher 111011010 later asked for Smith's help with escaping, Smith reported him to Tecson, and was rewarded with a sophisticated cybernetic exoskeleton and specialized combat training.

After eight months in De-Ciphering, Smith was assigned to participate in an assault on Graylock Chantry. During the course of the attack, Smith was electrocuted by a Son of Ether named Van Bass, which caused his exoskeleton and DEI to briefly shut down. This near-death experience broke Smith's conditioning and allowed him to think independently of the DEI for the first time in eight months. He immediately regretted his decision, and decided to spill some of Iteration X's secrets to the Sons of Ether through their magazine Paradigma.

Smith's treachery was, surprisingly, not uncovered, though the leaders of his amalgam suspect something. He remains at the Acme Pyrotechnics Institute for monitoring and reprogramming.

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