Wilhelmina Teesdale is the ex-wife of Ambrose Gant and one of the many members of the Teesdale family associated with Bishopsgate Mental Asylum.


Described as being of "fair skin and fine breeding", Wilhelmina Teesdale fell in love with and married the psychic as he was doing low-budged performances on Coney Island. From that time onward, she tended to cause him a great deal of stress due to her concern for his unrestrained use of ESP, given that both the use of his powers and their outcome frightened her. Eventually, they divorced. However, she was reliant on him financially; as such, she continued to live with him until Gant, in a drunken stupor while on his yacht, tripped, fell into the water, and, having hit his head on the way down, entered a coma.

Teesdale checked her ex-husband into Bishopsgate so as to ensure he received proper long-term care.


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