Wilder is one of the Seemings of Changelings and are the youth of Kithain society. 13 to 25 years of the age, they are the most numerous of the Fae.

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Wilders are usually rebellious, devious, and hedonistic. Being the most numerous of the fae, they often try to be the leaders of both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. I mean, after all, the Childlings are too young and the Grumps just don't have the energy or attitude. How they suffer for the good of society.

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While these kithain have lost the naiveté they had as childlings they still have not fallen into the cynicism of the graybeards. While they tend to be arrogant and full of themselves, they are daring and adventurous and love to be young. Mortals and mortal culture fascinate them, especially the artists and other creative parts. Their perspective on creativity becomes keener and the Glamour of any new artistic endeavor, whether art or music or film, draws them like moths to a flame. When the passion of creativity consumes them they know what it is to be truly alive.

That fire of creativity can be too bright at times, however, and the greatest fear of these youth is burnout. They don't want to miss any moment of their lives because they know age brings Banality and eventually Undoing. Some of the more extreme of these faeries would rather die than lose their memory of what it means to be young and fae.

With a life on the edge, Wilders follow their ambitions and are propelled into positions of responsibility without authority. Becoming rebels is often an act of desperation and a natural response. The ones who hold on to their mortal lives often feel an all-encompassing need to escape. Those who don't can be consumed by their passion. Whichever path they live, they live lives of constant energy and motion. Chaos and adventure fuel them.

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