Fae hunt
Wild Hunt
is a Fae hunting party.


The Wild Hunts emerge from the Hedge and are usually hunting for changeling escapees, but they might be summoned to aid a powerful and important Fae. Legends told by the changelings who hide, trembling in fear when the Hunt is on, say the only way to join the Wild Hunt is to beat the hunters at the game. They say the reward for the most devious prey is an invitation to become a predator.

Call the HuntEdit

Call the Hunt is a level 4 Goblin Contract that allows a changeling to call upon a Fae hunting party. The character can only use this Contract within clear sight of an entrance into the Hedge, and the Wild Hunt emerges from that point in the Hedge. This Contract sends what seems to be a call for aid by a powerful and important Fae; when the hunting party discovers otherwise, they will certainly look into who called them.

Cost: 1 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Presence + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling is actually in the Hedge.

Arcadian HuntsmanEdit

Arcadian Huntsman

Arcadian Huntsman

Just as many of the True Fae, the Arcadian Hunter can affect a variety of forms, although he certainly has favorites. He sometimes appears as a giant of a man wearing the head and neck of a massive elk, stag, bull or goat, sometimes with the lower legs or feet of the same. Other times, his face and neck are human as well, boasting broad sweeping antlers or massive sharp horns. His skin may be pale, but is more often dark as night, lit only by the pale gleam of his eyes and a trail of witch-fire.

Regardless of the form he takes, he is a powerful and electrifying sight to behold. More than one legend speaks of a changeling who, when called by name by the Hunter, left her sanctuary and went willingly to his side — and her death — simply by force of his dominating and arresting aura. However, many tales of folklore speak about those who barely escaped the Wild Hunt with their lives, as well as of those who were taken and never seen again. 


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