Wid is a Nosferatu who has claimed domain over the industrial blight that is the city of Wollongong, in the New South Wales region of Australia


Long ago, Wid was a melancholy Nosferatu enamored with solitude and inspired by the Brujah revolutionary known as Red Meg to escape both England and their elders. In a few years, they gathered a small number of like-minded Kindred and seized control of the First Fleet, setting sail to Australia.

The companions of the epic nine-month journey also comprised Agaricus, a gaunt and frenzied Malkavian; the sleek, secretive Tremere, Lumley; Montague Lytton of clan Toreador, who complained bitterly of deprivation for the entire duration of the journey; and the autocratic but politically weak Abram, of clan Ventrue. These six Cainites renounced the political games of their elders before sailing from England. They also swore never to spill one another's blood and to assist or avenge each other whenever possible.

However, as time went by, Wid grew closer to Red Meg and Agaricus, while they increasingly found themselves arrayed against Lumley, Lytton, and Abram. Wid, Meg, and Agraricus were attached to their original goal of a land where Kindred and kine could coexist peaceably, free from both the Masquerade and the Jyhad, while their more conservative opponents instead envisioned a new nation where they could be free to rule as they pleased.

By the 20th century, Wid is one of the few surviving Cainite "founders" of Australia. He became Prince of Wollongong and seems content to watch the squabbles of his peers without feeling the need to become involved. However, Wid has been known to stay in touch with the seven-generation Ventrue Abrams.


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