Whitley Styles came to prominence in the age of Adventure! as the young protege of Maxwell Anderson Mercer and the chronicler for the Æon Society for Gentlemen.

Whitley: Based on morphemes found in similar names listed at Behind the Name, probably derives from a place name meaning "white meadow" in Old English.
Styles: According to Behind the Name's surname section, originally a locational name for one who lived near a steep hill, from Old English stigol "climb".


Born early in the 20th century, Whitley's childhood was cut short when the Thuggee kidnapped his family and killed his mother. His father, Roger Styles wanted to buy a sculpture of Kali... all he managed to do was offend the Thuggee cult and end up in their custody. For ten years the cult prepared the young Styles to join them as one of the strangling hands of Kali. Finally, at the behest of the cult leader Paruq, young Whitley challenged and killed his father in ritualistic combat, becoming one of the Thuggee.

In 1918 Maxwell Mercer rescued the young man from the Thuggee cult and helped him turn into a well adjusted individual. Renouncing his Thuggee legacy and gaining an enemy in Paruq. However, Uriah Stafford, his father's partner, had taken control of his company and contested the younger Styles claim to his share. During the long legal battle with Stafford, Styles refused Maxwell's monetary help and worked many menial jobs, mingling with the lower classes, which suited his character well.

When his friend Maxwell Mercer and Michael Daemon Donighal came to him about forming the Aeon Society For Gentlemen, he became one of the founding members.

In the 1940s, he turned Æon's files into the Babel Dossier, a possible precursor of the Society's move toward secrecy. By 1977, he was the only one of Æon's seven founders still active with the Society; an entry he made in his private journal on November 6 of that year laments the difference between the old Æon (which only went where it was asked, but went wherever it was asked) to the post-Mercer version (which was more determined to shape human society to its liking). Unconfirmed reports indicate that he survives into the Unity Era of the 2120s.

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Whitley Styles is a Mesmerist.

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