Whitewater is a totem spirit of the Fera and Nunnehi.


Whitewater is known for her mercurial nature, by turns playful and menacing. She is the symbol of self-challenge and the wild, free spirit of Gaia. Whitewater's laughter pierces the forests and announces her presence over long distances.

Traits & Ban Edit

  • GlyphTotem
    Background Cost:
    Nunnehi 1/Garou 2

Traits Edit

Whitewater endows her Nunnehi and Garou children with Swimming 3 and Boating 2. Her children also gain an additional point of Dexterity when involved in activities which take place in rapidly moving water. Whitewater teaches her Garou children the Gifts: Mother's Touch and Wisdom of the River. Despite her Background cost, she will accept Garou of any Rage.


Whitewater requires her children to make their homes near her banks. She also asks that any who honor her refrain from polluting her rivers.


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