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The Archivists are those White Wolf fans who have registered at WWWiki and contributed articles to the database. If you're just joining us (or have been here a while and are reading this page for the first time), add your name to the list below!

Name Home town Province/State, Country
IanWatson Hamilton Ontario, Canada
JC10169 Derby Derbyshire, United Kingdom
AberrantEyes Chambersburg PA, USA
Levinwurth Birmingham West Midlands, United Kingdom
Ravyn Portland Oregon, USA
BebopKate Winston-Salem North Carolina, USA
Whispering Grand Rapids Michigan, USA
Guybrush Melbourne Victoria, Australia
Myca Vykos Walla Walla Washington, USA
Rötschreck Taksim Istanbul, Turkey
AllyMYoko Vienna Vienna, Austria
HerbertL. Santiago Chile, Chile
Russel Hammond Passo Fundo Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil