White Wolf Magazine was a gaming-oriented magazine which, around the publication of issue #25 in 1991, merged with Lion Rampant to found White Wolf Game Studio. Despite the merger, the magazine continued to feature content for other publishers' roleplaying games, although an increasing amount of content was devoted to Ars Magica and, later, the World of Darkness games. Originally published on a bimonthly basis, the magazine switched to monthly publication with issue #41 (March 1994).

With issue #50 (December 1994), the name of the magazine was changed to White Wolf Inphobia, and its focus broadened to include collectible card games, including the World of Darkness-based games Jyhad (later renamed Vampire: The Eternal Struggle) and Rage. The magazine was cancelled with issue #57, the July 1995 issue.

White Wolf Magazine's most notable issues may be issue #26, which included a preview booklet for the then-forthcoming roleplaying game Vampire: The Masquerade. "Legacy Rite", the full-color comic book that appeared in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse Second Edition rulebook, was originally serialized in six parts from White Wolf Magazine issues #39-#44 (November 1993-June 1994).

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