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(Important: This is currently only a draft policy. Please feel free to expand upon this article, and also to discuss the issue on White Wolf talk:Canon Policy.)

The goal of White Wolf is to be a reliable, concise guide to all readers. Towards this end, it is necessary for us to restrict to some extent the type of information we accept.

There are three types of articles:

  • WW Universe
    • Any subject mentioned or derived from a game book.
  • Expanded Universe
    • Includes articles from other media such as novels, television series, movies, and console games.
  • Faniverse
    • Includes articles from fan-based ebooks set in the same settings as official WW products. Material may be included in articles of one of the above categories as long as it is not directly contradicted by canon material.

The Expanded Universe and Faniverse articles are not beholden to the canon policy.

The policy of WWWiki with regards to acceptable resources for use in articles is similar to the WWWiki policy regarding canon, with some exceptions.

Note: A resource is considered to be anything that can be referenced when writing/editing an article.

What is considered a Valid Resource?Edit

This section is still in flux, as the policy is still under debate.

What is not considered a Valid Resource?Edit

This section is still in flux, as the policy is still under debate.

  • Television series
  • Movies
  • PC/Console games
  • Fan fiction of any kind
  • Websites, unless information is clearly stated as sourced from a valid reference.

Items on which policy is unclearEdit

  • Background information from the production staff (a developer discussing future plans for the line, for example) should either be included under the relevant background section (where available), or added to the article's Talk page where its validity can be assessed for inclusion.

Deleting Invalid ArticlesEdit

If you believe an article contains nothing but non-canon information, or is sourced solely from non-valid resources, they should be listed on White Wolf:Votes for deletion. They may be deleted two days after they have been listed. In this time, other users may defend the article's validity.

If an article is concerning a canon subject but contains information from a non-valid resource, the issue should be debated on the article's individual talk page, and the article should be edited as appropriate.

Except in cases of vandalism, obscenity, and other nonsense, you should not edit the article and simply delete the text.

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