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The White Tower of Languedoc was the center and capital of the Order of Reason during the Renaissance. The Inner Circle met every 15 years within its halls to discuss the advance and achievements of the Order.


The original tower was the Chantry of Yoassmy of Brittany, a Hermetic who died 1325 under the blade of the Craftmasons. It was within these halls that the convention took place that led to the foundation of the Order. But when the conflict between France and England escalated, the Inner Circle relocated the Tower into southern France, near a village that was wiped out during the crusades and laid within the influence of a Cray. Near the Tower, a village called L'Espérance, inhabited by lesser Daedaleans, was founded as a self-sustaining community that would serve as an example of an ideal society, supplying the Tower with servants while still appearing as a more mundane and common institution.


The White Tower is built upon a hill and only one road leads to L'Espérance, so that intruders can be detected sooner. The Tower and its walls are perfectly symmetrical, with every white stone marked with symbols of power by the Craftmasons. Seven concentretic defense lines, made from substances created by the Artificers, lie around the tower. Within these lines, kitchens, stables and other institutions essential for a castle are maintained. The workshops and laboratories of the various conventions are scattered among the palisades, each inhabiting one circle. Within the halls, the tass generated by the cray is remodeled to fit the paradigma of the Convention.

The Tower itself has seven floors, the lowest being the Hall of Arrival, a fensterless room that incorporates the whole base of the Tower. The two floors above serve as libraries and repositories for the Order, containing scriptures that are to dangerous to be propagated among the lower ranking members. The next floor is filled up with war engines that serve the defence of the Tower, while the next floor is also called the Viasilicos Primus, where the center of magical communication among the Order has its seat. The last floor is the Council Chamber, where the Inner Circle performs his meetings. The roof is accessable and serves as an unofficial eigth floor, representing the Ksirafai.


The inhabitants of the White Tower are a divided lot. Through officially led by the Resplendent Maximi, those figures of authority seldom dwell within Languedoc and so, intrigues and bickering are the order of the day. Different cabals, such as the Villici, the Marshalls of Light, the Les Ouvriers, the Followers of Heraclius and Those Who Venture dominate Languedoc except for the few times when a Council of Fourteen is gathered at the White Tower.