"Perhaps one of the strangest of Kindred positions, the Whip is as informal a position as the Priscus. She is responsible for “inspiring” her clanmates to present a united face on major issues and to make their voices heard on local issues, to make sure that the other clans take them seriously. She is both a leader and a taskmaster, a figurehead and a bully [...] Whips exist only in those cities with fairly large populations of a given clan, and even then only if a particular member of that clan feels the need to take the position."

-Vampire: the Requiem (p.34-35)

While similar thereto, the Whip is not assistant to the Priscus - it is a separate position altogether. The fact they have similar roles places the two at odds with each when they disagree.

Other TitlesEdit

"Whips are often referred to, informally and angrily, as taskmasters, slavers, headmasters and many other far less polite terms."

-Vampire: the Requiem (p.35)

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