Baron Weyland is a Seelie Sidhe, presumably a Grump, and member of House Dougal.

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Weyland was born Aaron Kilmartin in his mortal seeming, and he awakened when the fomorians broke his spine. To be precise, and he requires precision, he really Chrysalised during the recovery from his injuries.

His father had left them for a life on the road and his mother was a silversmith. They found employment in one of those medieval festivals near their home in upstate New York. Aaron was helping her, as much as a seven-year-old could, when a pack of fomorians and crazed Garou attacked some actors performing "The Miller's Tale" on the stage across from them. (The lead actress was Terece, the daughter of High Lord Donovan.)

Aaron's mother killed one of the Black Spiral Dancers by throwing a crucible of molten silver in its mouth. Before eviscerating her, the fomorians made her watch as they twisted and broke Aaron's spine, all for the affront of delaying their attack.

Lord Donovan and his knights arrived too late to save Aaron's mother, but he brought the boy back and personally oversaw his healing in honor of the boy's mother's bravery. Aaron was paralyzed and all their healing Arts could not change that, but the Glamour of the workshop also awakened the boy's changeling nature.

Donovan oversaw Weyland's Chrysalis and Saining and the nockers of the Freehold of the Forge gave him a silver exoskeleton. It allows him to walk normally, if a bit clumsily. This lack of fine dexterity, sadly, kept Weyland from pursuing his mother's art, though silver remains his favored adornment.

Again, Donovan took Weyland in as an apprentice, and as a journeyman he wandered the breadth of Concordia. He went from Master to Master, but no craft or art held any appeal to him; his joy came from instructing the apprentices. Despondent in his inability to find work, Weyland went back to Donovan and thought himself a failure. Donovan showed him the reports gathered from all the masters he had served. while hi work was never stellar, the remarkable training he gave the apprentices was always admired. Weyland found his art. Donavan made him his steward, and eventually appointed him as House Dougal's Mentor. In this position, he wrote A Journeyman's Guide to House Dougal.

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