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The Wewelsberg Tribunal was a conjoined court of both the Council of Nine Mystick Traditions and the Technocratic Union held after World War II.


In 1946, representatives of the Traditions and the Technocracy that had fought together against Awakened war criminals gathered for a trial. The tribunal was named after a chantry held by Nazi occultists of the Thule Society (likely near the Wewelsburg). The court sentenced 34 mages and Sorcerers to death for "Crimes against Ascension". And performed gilgul on 9 others. In addition, the Euthanatos discovered that a few Axis collaborators were hidden among the Technocratic delegation, which were gilguled as well.

During the case, documents like the Schwartzurkunde proved the inhuman experiments of the mages that had sided with the Third Reich, including the development of the Folterbrunnen in Dachau. This Torture Fountain was a phenomena akin to the Avatar Storm they tried to weaponize. Both sides argued who would safeguard these experiments, with the final empowerment of the Consanguinity of Eternal Joy to act as guardians of the site. While the Technocrats were entrusted with the Black Papers.

However, the Technocracy granted amnesties as part of Operation Sparkmaker. A general policy in which they sought to absorb Nazi hypertech innovations. Alois Richter was one such mage who was pardoned. This practice supposedly caused the Situation Six cabal to disband in protest.