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The Werewolf Players Guide Second Edition is the players guide for Werewolf: The Apocalypse Second Edition. The Players Guide features updated rules for the other changing breeds besides the Garou, the camps of the tribes of Garou, and expanded information on the society of the Garou. The book introduces and revises many traits such as Gifts, Rites, fetishes, totems, Secondary Abilities, optional traits such as tribal weaknesses, Nature and Demeanor Archetypes, and Merits and Flaws, and expanded systems for combat and equipment.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Last of a Dying Race
"The humans can look at the state of the world and tell themselves that the Earth is not dying. We cannot claim such ignorance as an excuse. The spirit realms are choking; the sun fades behind a blanket of unclean air. Our mother has fallen gravely ill, and her poisoner waits in the darkness and laughs.
"Gaia! Our mother! We hear your cries of pain! Though we are few and our race is dying, we fight against your attackers! Let those who would torment you fear us — your avengers, your warriors, your will made flesh! Let them fear the Garou!"
Howl-of-Purity, Red Talon Galliard
Last Hope of a Dying World
As the fires of the Apocalypse begin to burn, the werewolves are in a desperate situation. The Garou need every trick, skill, ally and power they can muster in one last attempt to stave off the forces of corruption and decay. That's where the Werewolf Players Guide comes in. This book detail's the Garou's greatest strengths and weaknesses, and it offers you more options to flesh out your characters fully. Learn about the ways of the tribes, or walk the sacred ways of the septs. Listen to the whispers of the spirits, or learn the ways of Garou martial arts. Even track the footprints of the other elusive werecreatures — if you dare. The Werewolf Players Guide lets you do it all.
Werewolf Players Guide includes:
  • New options for character creation, including Merits and Flaws, new totems and new Gifts
  • Expanded information on myriad facets of Garou life, such as life at the sept, caerns, werewolf-specific fighting arts and more
  • The other shapeshifters of the world, from the ferocious Bastet cat-folk to the enigmatic Nagah wereserpents

Legends of the Garou: Half Moon's Journey

Evan Heals-the-Past talks to Cries-in-the-Wind.

Chapter One: The Garou

Expanded character creation rules, from Merits & Flaws to new Gifts.

Chapter Two: The Tribes

A look at the thirteen tribes of the Garou, as well as their fallen cousins.

Chapter Three: Life in the Garou Nation

Expanded information on packs, septs and caerns.

Chapter Four: Spirit Matters

New totems, fetishes and Umbral material.

Chapter Five: The Changing Breeds

The other werecreatures of the world.

Chapter Six: Systems

Expanded rules for action, from Kailindo to Harano.


Essays on the game itself.

  • Harano: The Pain of Loss by Bill Bridges
  • Mature Roleplaying by Justin Achilli
  • Afterthoughts by Ethan Skemp

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Camps: Amazons of Diana, Freeboothers, Moon-Daughters, Deserters, Rat Finks, The Hood, Angels in the Garden, Imminent Strike, The Patient Deed, Children of Dire, Grandchildren of Fionn, Tuatha de Fionn, Whispering Rovers, The Fangs of Garm, The Hand of Tyr, The Valkyria of Freya, City Farmers, Cyber Dogs, Random Interrupts, Urban Primitives, The Lodge of the Predator Kings, Warders of the Land, Whelp's Compromise, Bringers of Light, Judges of Doom, Society of Nidhogg, Harbingers, Seekers, Wayfarers, Klaital Puk, Ouroborons, The World Tree, The Zephyr, Bane Tenders, Earth Guides, Ghost Dancers, The Sacred Hoop, The Warpath; Half-Breeds and the Forgotten: Ronin, Siberakh, Dancer Ronin; The Silver Pack; Abominations; Klaive Dueling; Kailindo; Corax Organizations: The Morrigan, Murder's Daughters, The Sun-Lost, Hermetic Order of Swift Light, Chasers; Nuwisha Organization: Umbral Dansers; Sept Roles: Council of Elders, Warder, Guardians, Master of the Rite, Gatekeeper, Keeper of the Land, Master of the Challenge, Master of the Howl, Caller of the Wyld, Truthcatcher, Talesinger, Wyrm Foe; Caern Types: Calm - Wisdom, Enigmas - Wisdom, Fertility - Glory, Gnosis - Honor, Healing - Honor, Humor - Wisdom, Kingship - Honor, Plenty - Glory, Primal-Urge - Wisdom, Rage - Glory, Stamina - Honor, Streetwise - Wisdom, Strength - Glory, Visions - Wisdom, Willpower - Honor, Wyld - Glory; Fera: Ananasi, Bastet, Corax, Gurahl, Mokolé, Nagah, Nuwisha, Ratkin, Rokea,

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