Authors: Emrey Barnes, Bill Bridges, John Bridges, Steve Brown, Phil Brucato, Cathi Brucato, Sam Chupp, Jim Comer, Brad Freeman, Andrew Greenberg, Dan Greenberg, Mark Rein•Hagen, William Spencer-Hale, Robert Hatch, Sam Inabinet, David Key, J. Morrison, George Neal, Teeuwynn, Travis Williams
Additional Material by: Roman J. Andron, James S. Bracher, Jamie Brustlin, Jeff Campbell, Brian Cotter, Jeff Dahl, Paul Defenbaugh, James French, Harry Heckel, Marten Hent, Eric Leach, Edward MacGregor, Terrence Patrick, Joseph Micheau, Mark Phaedrus, Shannon Studdard, Timothy Toner
Developed by: Bill Bridges
Edited by: Heather Bryden
Art: John Bridges, Sam Inabinet, Jeff Rebner, SCAR Studios, Dan Smith, Richard Thomas, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, Brion Wackwitz, Lawrence Allen Williams
Layout and Typesetting: Sam Chupp
Art Direction: Richard Thomas
Back Cover: Chris McDonough, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook
Front Cover: Matt Wagner
Special Thanks to: Benjamin "World Master" Monk, Jr. for being the demiurge behind the Lands of Monkania.
Sam "Samhaven" Chupp for being a kindly, nonexpansionist power.
Travis "Travisburg" Williams for doing nothing in the face of worldwide expansion.
William "Ciudad de Hale" Hale for his slumbering dragons.
Lyndi "Lyndiville" Hathaway for her stern and thanatic theocracy.
Josh "Mount Josh" Timbrook for inviting everyone to Monument City.
Mark "Markland" Rein•Hagen for his hot air (balloons).
Wes "North Wes" Harris for his odd diplomatic gifts.
Andrew "Saint Andrew" Greenberg for his Pigasus warriors and their stinkbombs.
Stewart "Stewlette" Wieck for his patient and daring ambassadors.
Ken "Kenagio" Cliffe for his hops crops.
Michelle "Prahler" Prahler for her beautiful boats.
Rob "Robopolis" Hatch for his carnivorous dogs and War Krakens.
Bill "New Bill" Bridges for the encroachment of the Burning Sea.
Rene "Lillyton" Lilly for her vacation spot.
Chris "Las Chris" McDonough for staying the same as the world moves on around him.
Richard "Richard Hill" Thomas for being strangely absent during the early days of the world.
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1993
Pages: 232
Year: 1993
Publication #: WW 03202
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-057-0
Price: $18.00

The Werewolf Players Guide is the first players guide for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. The Players Guide introduces the other changing breeds besides the Garou, the camps of the tribes of Garou, and expanded information on the society of the Garou. The book introduces many new Gifts, Rites, fetishes and totems, and first introduces the concept of tribal weaknesses. The Players Guide also adapts traits such as Secondary Abilities, Nature and Demeanor Archetypes, and Merits and Flaws for Werewolf, as well as expanded systems for combat and equipment; many of these rules were first introduced in the original VTM: The Players Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip.


From the White Wolf catalog:

"Gather, cubs, and hear the song of the mighty Garou, the Dying Race, the last Defenders of Gaia. Long have they fought against the rising dark, against the corruption that is the Wyrm. Though wounded and in pain, they fight on, alone against the End. None listen to their pleas, none heed their call. Only the Garou still Rage!"
Maverick Tongue, Galliard of the Silver Fangs
Rage against the Dying of the Light
In the face of Apocalypse, the Garou need every power they can muster against the armies of corruption and decay. The Werewolf Players Guide includes new powers for the battle, from powerful Gifts to amazing fetishes. Herein are detailed the strengths of the Garou — and their weaknesses. Discover the different camps within the 13 tribes who all vie for their own visions of the world. Sit in on a moot, from the Opening Howl top the predawn Revel. Witness the Litany enforced by the mighty Silver Pack. Uncover the secrets of the others werefolk, hiding throughout the world and nursing their ancient hate. The Werewolf Players Guide will enrich any Werewolf chronicle.
Werewolf Players Guide includes:
  • New character creation options, including Merits & Flaws, Personality Archetypes and new Gifts.
  • Expanded rules for Rage and combat, including Klaive dueling and the Garou martial art of Kailindo.
  • The other shapeshifters of the world, from the uncanny Bastet catfolk to the bizarre Ananasi werespiders.

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