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The Wyld West Expansion Pack is a supplement for Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition to translate games into the classic "Savage West" setting.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Bad Moons and Silver Bullets
It was a time when a silver bullet could buy your life in a way gold couldn’t. A time when the railroads barreled their way west, and the Umbral skies tore open over them. When Garou warred on Garou, divided by the ever-moving frontier, and ancient horrors broke free. In the World of Darkness, the American West wasn’t just wild — it was savage.
The Wyld West Expansion Pack is a supplement that brings the mechanics and setting of Werewolf: The Wild West into 20th Anniversary compatibility. With it, your group can uncover the lost lore of the Storm Eater and the Savage West in a modern setting, or run a chronicle set in the most dangerous frontier the Garou ever saw.


Chapter One: The Savage West

Chapter Two: The Tribes

Chapter Three: The Storm Umbra

Chapter Four: Antagonists

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