Design: Justin Achilli, Ethan Skemp
Development: Ethan Skemp
Authors: Justin Achilli, Mark Angeli, Phil Brucato, Tim Byrd, Jackie Cassada, Ben Chessell, Richard E. Dansky, Ed Hall, Robert Hatch, Harry Heckel, Heather Heckel, Ian Lemke, Ed McKeogh, James Moore, Nicky Rea, Ethan Skemp, Fred Yelk
Additional Design Contributions: Andrew Bates, Ken Cliffe, Brian Glass
Editor: Cary Coff with Ken Cliffe & Aileen Miles
Art Director: Lawrence Snelly, Aileen Miles
Interior Art: Andrew Bates, Ron Brown, Steve Bryant, James Daly, Jason Felix, Richard Kane Ferguson, Scott Fischer, Dave Fooden, Darren Fryendall, Michael Gaydos, Pia Guerra, Henry G. Higginbotham, Anthony Hightower, Jeff Holt, Brian LeBlanc, Eric Lacombe, Robert MacNeil, Matt Milberger, Jeff Parker, Shea Anton Pensa, Steve Prescott, Andrew Ritchie, Andrew Robinson, Theo Schwartz, Dan Smith, Ron Spencer
Layout & Typesetting: Katie McCaskill
Border Design: Vince Locke
Logo, Front & Back Cover Design: Richard Thomas
Prelude Art: Richard Thomas with Ash Arnett
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1997
Pages: 294
Year: 1887
Publication #: WW 03700
Reference #: 1-56504-340-5
Price: $28.00 US

Werewolf: The Wild West Rulebook is the corebook for the Werewolf: The Wild West game.


From the White Wolf catalog:

A Storytelling Game of Horror in the Past
Blood's been spilled on these plains by the gallon. The humans, our families, are killing each other. Blue fights Gray, Red tussles with White -- and then there's us.
The sun burns pretty hot by day. That's all right. We burn even hotter, down inside. And when the sweet moon shines by night, there's no fort or camp so strong they can keep us out.
We run on wolf paws faster than any horse. We're stronger than the buffalo, deadlier than the rattlesnake. We walk the spirit paths between this world and the next. We can't be killed by lead nor flint. We are the favored ones.
There's a storm thundering on the other side of the sunset, and there's something coming to eat it.
It'll have to get through us first.


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