This page is a quick reference to the grammatical structures and many special links needed for Werewolf: The Forsaken. If you are unsure as to how to list a link for something or if it is capitalized or not, you can check on this page.

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Non-capitalized Words and Phrases: Edit

These are uncapitalized with rare exceptions.

Capitalized Words and Phrases: Edit

Non-standard Plurals Edit

Because of the wiki’s policy of using singular forms except when referring to a specific group, the following things should be referred to in their singular form when linked:

  • All Lune spirit choir names, e.g. Cahalunim; these are always plural.

First Tongue Edit

Words in the first tongue should be italicised, to denote their origin. Articles should be named for the common English equivalent where is exists, but the First Tongue name should be given in brackets after the first use of the term in the article, e.g. "The Shadow (First Tongue: Hisil)". Normal capitalisation rules apply to terms in the First Tongue.

Special Links Edit

Because these terms are shared between lines (such as Exalted) or are terms that appear in more that one World of Darkness game (such as Inner Circle), the following must have abbreviations after them for them to link back to their articles properly.

Chronicles of Darkness (CofD) Edit

Werewolf: The Forsaken (WTF) Edit