Authors: Heather Curatola, Harry Heckel, Forrest B. Marchinton, Deena McKinney, Ethan Skemp
Additional Material: Sean Jaffe
Editor: Aileen E. Miles
Artists: John Cobb, Joe Corroney, Steve Ellis, Richard Kane Ferguson, Michael Gaydos, Jeff Holt, Brian LeBlanc, Larry MacDougall, Steve Prescott, Jeff Rebner, Alex Sheikman, Ron Spencer
Art Director: Aileen E. Miles
Cover Art: Dan Brereton
Layout & Typesetting: Aileen E. Miles
Cover Design: Aileen E. Miles
Special Thanks: To Kathy, Ian, Jeff, Phil, Larry, Katie, Shaggy, Conan, Carey, Allison, Jane, Shane, Anna, Nate and Karen.

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Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: April 28,1999
Pages: 185
Year: 1197
Publication #: WW 03800
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-357-X
Price: $17.95 retail / $13.18 PDF
Online: Bullet-rpg

Werewolf: The Dark Ages is a historical setting sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse set in the same time period as Vampire: The Dark Ages. Unlike the Vampire setting, only one WTDA book was produced before the release of Dark Ages: Werewolf in 2003.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Wolves at the Door

The vampiric lords of the Long Night claim supremacy over medieval Europe - and yet they keep to their castles and cathedrals, worriedly watching the forests between. For great wolves hunt the wild places and pace the roads, and howls of anger echo across the moors. By day they walk as humans - and when the moon rises, their hunt begins. They are the werewolves fo the Dark Ages.

Rage Across the Long Night?

Werewolf: The Dark Ages is a supplement allowing Werewolf: The Apocalypse players to explore the medieval World of Darkness from the Garou's point of view. This book contains just about anything you could want for adapting werewolves to the Dark Ages setting, from information on the tribes of the time to guidelines for crossing over with Vampire: The Dark Ages. Whether you want to try a completely different spin on medieval horror fantasy, recreate the deeds of your modern-day Garou's ancestors, or even give the Lupines in your Vampire: The Dark Ages game some real teeth, this is the book for you.

Legends of the Garou: The Jewels of BoleslavEdit

Introduction: Dawn and TwilightEdit

Chapter One: The Dark WildsEdit

Dark Medieval Europe from a Garou point of view.

Chapter Two: The Ten TribesEdit

The tribes of the Dark Medieval setting.

Chapter Three: Warriors of the Long NightEdit

Creating Werewolf: The Dark Ages characters.

Chapter Four: Sit Down by the FireEdit

Storetelling a Dark Ages game.

Chapter Five: Blood and FuryEdit

How to use vampires in a Werewolf: The Dark Ages game, and vice-versa.


Rules for medieval weapons, equipment, Dark Ages tribal weaknesses and more.

Background InformationEdit

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