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Werewolf: The Apocalypse Rulebook is the first-edition rulebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse, the storytelling game of savage horror.


From the White Wolf 1992 catalog:

The storytelling adventure which began with Vampire: The Masquerade continues with the long-awaited Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Fully compatible with the best selling game of "personal horror," Werewolf describes a new aspect of horrific adventure in which the monster is somewhat heroic. In Werewolf the players are Garou, powerful but dying protectors of a despoiled earth. They are the immune system of Mother Nature, desperately battling the ancient enemy they know only as "The Wyrm." The Wyrm and its minions seek the ruin of nature and the destruction of all. They descend upon earth to possess those mortals of weak will, animals of corrupted spirit, and even the machines of modern society. Only one thing stands in their way, the Garou. This secret war has been waged for millennia, but now the Wyrm has gained new strength... now it seeks to exterminate its enemy once and for all. This is the age of the Apocalypse.

From the Back Cover:

These are the final days —
The signs are clear:
Even our pups know
That this is the age of the Apocalypse.
The Homids have Corrupted the Earth
Destroyed the Trees
Slaughtered the Beasts
Choked the Air
Poisoned the Soil
Clogged the Waters
Unleashed the Eternal Fire
Now, the Wyrm rises
To eclipse the Moon
Devouring all within its grasp,
Hunting the hunters.
There is no garden to which we can flee.
There is nowhere to hide.
The end is upon us.
—When will you rage?

The Prophecy of the Phoenix

The Sacred Ways

Book One: Background

Chapter One: Introduction

Example of Storytelling:

  • Harold (Metis) (Pg. 24)
  • Hemmel (Philodox) (Pg. 24)
  • Sara (Pg. 24)
  • Rainchild (Pg. 24)
  • Torch (Ragabash, Metis) (Pg. 245)

Chapter Two: Setting

  • The Green Knights (Kinfolk Group, Ecoterrorists) (Pg. 51-52)
  • The Wagnerians (Garou Camp, trying to find another Realm) (Pg. 52)
  • Black Spiral Dancers (Pg. 53-54)
  • Pentex, Inc. (Pg. 54)
  • Witch-Hunters (Pg. 54)
  • Developmental Neogenetics Amalgamated (Pg. 55)

Chapter Three: Storytelling

Book Two: Basics

Chapter Four: Rules

Chapter Five: Character

Chapter Six: Traits

Book Three: Permutations

Chapter Seven: Spirits

  • Fetishes
  • Spirit Charms
  • Spirits: Naturae
  • Spirits: Elementals
  • Spirits: Banes
  • Spirits: Wyldings
  • Spirits: Weaver Spirits

Chapter Eight: Systems

Chapter Nine: Drama


Antagonists and Mortals

  • Chimera (Pg. 246)
  • Fomor (plural Fomori) (Pg. 246-247)
  • Black Spiral Dancers (Pg. 247)
  • Governments (Pg. 247-248)
  • The Inquisition (Pg. 248-249)
  • The Arcanum (Pg. 249-250)
  • Vampires (Pg. 250)
  • Ghouls (Pg. 250-251)
  • The Magi (Pg. 251)

Pack Totems

Last Words


Upcoming Werewolf Products

There are a number of supplements which will be soon be available for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. They are listed below in order of appearance. We generally try to release one supplement a month.

From the sketchbook of Josh Timbrook

An inside look at the development of the Garou.

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Background Information

Memorable Quotes


An art piece by John Cobb on Pg. 198 would be later re-used for the cover of the HarperCollins novel, Conspicuous Consumption, and as a Rage Card Promo: Sower-of-Thunder.

Black Spiral Dancers weren't fully fleshed out in the rulebook, they were just described as a corrupted Garou tribe serving the Wyrm. And that their totem is Whippoorwill. It would be until one year later through The Book of the Wyrm 1st ed. that the White Howlers back story was added.

In the geography section (Setting Chapter), the following is said of other shapeshifters:

South America

"A variety of werejaguars, weresnakes, werebats and werealligators live in the shrinking jungles of the Amazon. The Garou, concerned about the destruction of the rain forest, have attempted to ally with these other lycanthropes, but the denizens of the jungles remember well the days of the Impergium, when other werecreatures were routinely destroyed as "blasphemies of the Wyrm"; Garou trespassing on their domain are often punished with death."


Japan: "Both they (Glass Walkers) and Shadow Lords are actively seeking to establish footholds in Japan, as well as to find out whether the Black Spiral Dancers are behind the legends of malevolent transforming foxes in Japanese mythology."

Indonesian: "The Indonesian jungles are home to the last of Asia's other werecreatures, and Garou fear to go here, as it is rumored that many of these others have turned to the Wyrm. Recently, the markets and bazaars of Jakarta and other cities have been rife with whispers of weresharks, shapechanging pythons, and men who can turn into enormous orangutans. Something big is happening in the jungles, but as yet it is a mystery to the Garou."

The Bunyip are mentioned as a tribe of Garou (Tasmanian wolves) that were wiped out by the Wyrm.


Amara Windcrusher (Pg. 9)

Central Park: A Setting for Werewolf

Little White Feet aka Central Park Caern, New York

  • Totems: Mera and the Great White Mouse
  • Fetish: Ever Meal
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  1. Simply re-titled as Ways of the Wolf.
  2. Ways of the City was never published during the first edition years. It wouldn't be until Revised that a book with a similar concept was published instead, Book of the City.