Wepauwet in Homid form.

Wepauwet was an ancient Silent Strider during the later days of the war against the Cult of Sutekh in Khem, and a close friend of Shu Horus. When Sutekh cursed the Silent Striders, forced them out of their ancestral home, and cut off their contact with their ancestor spirits, Wepauwet searched for a way to save his people from losing all memory of their heritage. He eventually made a deal with the Undying Horus: in return for mummification as one of the Shemsu-Heru, Wepauwet would serve Horus thereafter. He hoped to become a living library of Silent Strider history.[1]

At first, he seemed to have failed. After his First Death, Owl itself spoke to Weapuwet, warning him that the death-and-resurrection of the Undying violated Gaia's intentions for the Garou. Wepauwet would return to life but once -- if he died again, he would fall be trapped in the Underworld as a wraith forever. But reckognizing his dedication, Owl led him to the lost Silent Strider Tribal Homeland in the Umbra. There, he alone can see and hear both the ancestor spirits and living Striders who reach the Homeland.[1]

In 1978, after millennia of effort, Wepauwet finally created a ritual that could grant a Silent Strider cub what other tribes take for granted: a connection to one of her ancestors. The ritual nearly kills him to use, but he has successfully cast it several times.[2]

He was rank 4 in Umbra: The Velvet Shadow[3] and rank 5 in Umbra, Revised Ed.[4]


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