Wendigo is a totem of War, a cannibal spirit associated with ice and cold.



Garou glyph for Wendigo.

The Wendigo devours the hearts of its foes and gains strength for them. It burns with rage. It lashes out at its foes with ice storms. It is a totem of War. It lends its packs additional Rage so as to better battle Gaia's foes. It asks its children to always aid Native peoples.

The Wendigo tribe takes its name from this Wyld spirit. When Great Wendigo makes his avatar appear, usually within the Umbra, he often takes the form of a wolf. His snow-white fur glows with a vivid bluish aura so pure it seems nearly ultraviolet. Wendigo's eyes glitter like burning shards of ice, his fangs dripping like icicles from a powerful, thick muzzle. Where his paws would be, there is only flame - freezing, blue-black flame that scorches the ground where he treads, searing with bitter cold.

Great Wendigo has a well-known taste for blood, and can run at eletrifying speeds, hunting down his prey with arrow-like precision and leaving only freezing wind in his wake. The Avatar of Great Wendigo does not always show himself in his entirety, sometimes making himself known only by a trace of blue fire, or black paw-marks burnt into impenetrable ice. He sometimes manifests to signal his favor, even when he is not specifically summoned, when a rite or gift calls upon his greatness.

Character SheetEdit

  • Avatar of Great Wendigo [1]

Willpower 8, Rage 10, Gnosis 6, Essence 32

Charms: Blast (Ice), Create Wind, Freeze, Materialize, Tracking


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