Weeps-With-Joy was the first Nuwisha ever to travel to other lands.


In his youth he walked as a coyote, but later decided he preferred the complexities of humans. His was the first Nuwisha paw extended to the other shapeshifters in friendship, and the first to taste the blood of the Wyrm. In his time he walked with Loki as a warrior, felling many enemies and crushing his foes beneath his heels. He was a proud warrior and a foolish Nuwisha.

Weeps-With-Joy was also the first to show Garou how to walk among the stars. He trained his cousins too well, in the eyes of many, for even now the Garou tread the Umbra with impudence and wreak havoc where they should not be. For this transgression, Weeps-With-Joy was banned from the stars by an angry Coyote. His sorrow was deep, and for years he traveled the lands of Earth Mother learning what he could of other cultures. He made many friends and countless enemies, but never admitted that secrets he gave to the Bête were wrongly given.

When his last days came, Weeps-With-Joy walked proudly back to his homeland, telling the Nuwisha and the Pure Ones of the mysteries that waited beyond the Land. Many scoffed, but a few heard his words and prepared themselves for the time when the Europeans would come to them. As Weeps-With-Joy prepared himself for death, Coyote came to the old Nuwisha and asked if he felt remorse for what he had done.

Weeps-With-Joy scoffed at this. "Great Trickster, I have lived as you commanded. I have examined the world and studied the stars. I have sought the answers to all questions, and I have learned many of your greatest secrets. I have worshipped you in all of your forms, and I have never refused a chance to prank my enemies or trick my friends. I have no regrets. You stole the stars from me, which is your right. Which of us has betrayed the other?"

Coyote stared at his child, a glint of humor in his eyes, and granted one last favor to his dying son. He carried the old Nuwisha into the stars on his back, and laid him to rest in the heavens. The old hero still rests there to this day, if you know how to look for him. As he left Earth Mother, Weeps-With-Joy earned his final name. He laughed and smiled as the tears ran from his eyes and the life ran from his body.


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