The Web of Faith was born during the early years of Islam. For centuries, the magi of the Middle East had to contend with rapacious djinn and scattered infernalist cults. With the advent of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, the tide began to turn against these forces of chaos. An increasing number of mages converted to the new religion, including members of surviving Egyptian Thoth cults, the dervish sects, and especially the Ahl-i-Batin, who saw Islam as a natural extension of their Doctrine of Unity. A few Batini even went so far as to claim they inspired Islam, but most dismiss these claims.

El Assad al Gabaar, the first Ahl-i-Batin archmage to convert to Islam, led an alliance of mages against al-Malek al-Majun ibn Iblis, the last and most terrible of the Devil Kings. After a battle lasting for seven days, al-Malek was killed and his body decapitated, burnt to ash and sealed away until the end of time. Angels themselves were said to have wiped the infernal fortress of Irem off the map. Afterwards, the leaders of the Ahl-i-Batin convinced the Righteous Ghazi, House of the Crescent Moon, Dervish sects, Sheikha and other Muslim mages to bind together their Nodes and Chantries into a network that spanned the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.

Over time, both the network itself and the alliance would spread until it spanned the the Islamic world.

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Dervish Sects (Cult of Ecstasy)Edit

House of the Crescent Moon (House Shaea)Edit

Majestic Kings of Truth and LightEdit

Mokteshaf al-NourEdit

  • Hands of Mercy
  • Keepers of the Law
  • Observers of Fate
  • Riders of the Wind
  • Seekers of Truth

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