Wears-Many-Stories is a Lupus Ahroun Red Talon in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

Overview Edit


A lupus from the Sierra Nevadas, Wears-Many-Stories has edged closer and closer to the city as the years have passed. Originally, she hated humans as much as any Red Talon, but Luna brought her a series of visions that would seem to have changed her opinion somewhat. What these visions were she did not say, but when pressed she stated that there is a story she has been commanded to tell, and that she has chosen the manner of telling. With these cryptic words, she changed into Homid form for the first time and, with coaching from a friendly Uktena, took her first faltering steps towards the city.

These days, Wears-Many-Stories makes approximately one trip a month into San Francisco. There Jayne, as she is known, frequents a tattoo parlor named Slaphappy's on Polk Street. She's even made halting friends with some of the clientele, including the odd troll and redcap, and if asked she might well come to their aid. On the other hand, the city still terrifies and enrages her, and she makes certain to get a little of Gaia's work in as well every time she comes to the city.

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Wears-Many-Stories is a handsome she-wolf with glowing russet fur and a proud line to her jaw. She travels in Homid form far more often than is normal for her tribe, and does so for the explicit purpose of receiving a series of tattoos. The pictures, forming the image of a tale which no one save Wears-Many-Stories knows, now cover more than a quarter of her homid form, and are of exceptional craftsmanship. While passing as human, she has a narrow face and brown hair which falls wild to her waist.

She carries a Phoebe's Veil fetish.

Personal Edit

It is vital that her story, however it ends, be completed on her flesh before she dies. Ever ready for a fight, she prefers intelligent combat where she has a chance of winning to the old stand-up-and-slug-it-out methods. She's interested in strategy and tactics, and often despair of bringing her tribe elders any closer to a real understanding of the strategies afforded by modern technology. When in doubt, she kills something her way and then says "I told you so." She wins more arguments that way than any other.

References Edit

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