The Weapons Guild is the fine purveyor of everything a changeling needs to make their problems disappear.

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Nocker weapons are without a doubt the best crafted in the Dreaming, exceeding even Eshu, Boggan, and House Dougal creations on quality, though a few of these others belong to the guild. The guild makes primarily medieval-style armor and weapons, though more advanced weaponry is available at higher prices. The Bes Din has placed much of the guild's advanced weaponry, such as its mobile battle fortress, under a special security act and strictly forbids sale of these technologies to other kith. The nocker weapons build-up concerns many Kithain but there is little that can be done about it since the nockers appear to have done nothing overt with their creations.

The Weapons Guild has its own tactical squads that oversee nocker security under the aegis of the local Bes Din.

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