Name: Wayward
Virtue: Vision

Waywards are one of the "lost" Hunter creeds who follow the virtue of Vision. Waywards are united by a common belief: the supernatural should be destroyed utterly, no matter the cost. Being children of Vision, they are given to planning and deliberation in reaching their goals, but those goals will always be focused on death and destruction, and a typical Wayward will think little of inflicting massive mortal casualties if they can successfully destroy a vampire or warlock. All Waywards are psychotically insane; some, however, are able to hide their psychosis, masquerading as Avengers.

A Wayward has a component of their second sight perpetually "switched on" - the component that allows them to detect the presence of monsters - and can never turn it off; the protective effects of second sight must be activated by the Wayward in the same fashion as other imbued. As a result, they can never possess Edges that would allow them to distinguish anything about a monster, such as Discern, Witness, or Illuminate.

Waywards are perhaps unique among the creeds in that they need not have manifested any of the common Wayward personality traits prior to their imbuing, such as deep-seated aggression, hatred, or trauma - it is entirely possible for a comparatively well-adjusted person to find themselves turned into a psychotic murderer, their minds rewritten by the violent impulses imposed by the Wayward imbuing.

The Wayward special ability is the creation of signs of power - symbols comprehensible to Waywards of sufficient Vision, but incomprehensible to any other imbued. By marking their bodies with these symbols, Waywards can draw strength from them, boosting their capabilities.

It's worth noting that in standard hunter code, the Wayward symbol represents "chief", "warlord", or "general", perhaps hinting at the creed's original purpose.

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