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Ways of the Wolf is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse with information on how to play lupus Garou characters.


From the White Wolf 1993-94 catalog:

In the deep wilderness, the wolves still howl. The lupus Garou answer that call. The werewolves of feral stock are quite different from their Homid brothers. The wilderness is their domain, where they can run free on four-legs and howl their ecstasy and rage to the moon. A sourcebook on the Lupus-Garou, the werewolves born of wolf stock, including information on wolf behavior and hints on how to play a feral werewolf, including sample characters.

From the Back Cover:

The Midnight Prowl
Dark shapes lope across the moon-drenched fields, hard upon the scent of prey – wolves on the hunt. The wolves weed out the weak and the sick, keeping Gaia's children pure. But the Wyrm plots against the predators, creating fear and scorn for Gaia's noble beast. What can long survive the hatred of humanity?
The Forgotten Howl
In the deep woods, a primordial world still survives, the heartland of Gaia. Here, a mournful howl rises to the moon, lamenting the loss of a way of life. The lupus Garou are the guardians of this pristine wilderness, the gatekeepers of the last pure lands on Earth.


Legends of the Garou: The Tale of the Mai-Coh

Story told by Moon Howl of the Wendigo.

  • Shadows by the Fire's Light (Galliard Garou, of Renown similar to Moon Howl)
  • Dark Cavern-Talker (Theurge Garou: Story)
  • Howls-to-Luna (Female Ahroun Garou: Story)
  • Grass Roller (Galliard Garou: Story)
  • Mai-Coh (Wyrm Corrupted Medicine Man: Story)


More Information:

Chapter One: Born of Wolf

Chapter Two: The Lupus Garou

Chapter Three: The Forest Primeval

Wilderness Systems

  • Tracking
  • Search
  • Shadowing
  • Hunting


Nature's Bounty

New Gifts, rites, fetishes, and totems.


  • Find Water (Level One: Lupus)
  • Sense Prey (Level One: Lupus)
  • Eye of the Eagle (Level Two: Lupus)
  • Axis Mundi (Level Two: Lupus and Silent Strider)
  • Boon of the Anima; Fathers (Level Five: Lupus)

New Rituals:

  • Rite of Birth Time (Level One)
  • Rite of Pure Breeding (Level Two)

New Totems:

  • Glooscap (Totem of Respect)
  • Hare (Totem of Wisdom)
  • Raven (Totem of Wisdom)

Fetishes and Talens:

  • Toolstick (Level 3, Gnosis 6)
  • Tool Talens (Gnosis 3)
  • Fish Swatter (Level 2, Gnosis 5)
  • Bouncing Rock (Level 5, Gnosis 7)
  • Leaf Armor (Level 4, Gnosis 4)
  • Fire Starter (Level 1, Gnosis 3)
  • Prometheus' Torch (Level 6, Gnosis 8)

Creatures of the Wilderness

Traits for animal characters.

Natural Creatures:

  • Wolves
  • Deer
  • Moose
  • Bear
  • Wolverine
  • Raven

Supernatural Creatures:

  • The Gamor
  • Wolf Fomori
  • Corrupted Wolves
  • Hairy Men

Spirit Creatures:

  • False Wendigo
    • Running Fox (Garou)

The Great Beasts

  • Yeti
  • Sasquatch, "Bigfoot"
  • Willawau (Giant Owl)
  • Dinosaurs
  • Great Sharks

Lupus Character Templates

  • Classic Trickster
  • Dark Mystic
  • Human Mediator
  • Howler
  • Wolf Warrior

Background Information


Memorable Quotes



Lupus of Note:



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