The Way of Ten Thousand Screams was an early Dharma from before Xue's formulation of the Fivefold Way, during the time of the Demon Warrior Empire.


The Way of Ten Thousand Screams was the first to advocate embracing the P'o in an attempt to achieve a perfect union with the Yama Kings. The reasoning behind this was that the Creator made them for a purpose - to keep the Great Cycle in motion. The Yama Kings corrupt and destroy so that the Creator may renew. The Wan Xian became Wan Kuei not because they had been cursed, but because the Creator had a new purpose for them. This was why all the newly created Wan Kuei had to journey through Hell before returning to their bodies. Those of the Ten Thousand Screams Dharma chose one of the Yama Kings to emulate and spent their unlives fulfilling their terrible purpose. As a result, most followers of this Dharma courted the line between servitude and slavery to the Yama Kings as akuma.

With the advent of Xue's teachings, as well as the rise of the Five Emperors, the Dharma was hunted to extinction. Its resonating with harnessing the P'o were adapted by Xue in the Howl of the Devil-Tiger, while all references to the Yama Kings as beings worthy of emulation were purged. Other elements of the Dharma survived in the Indian subcontinent, in which Kuei-jin distanced themselves from the Yama Kings as harbingers of destruction, instead interpreting the Creator himself as a Destroyer, in a similar vein to mortal interpretations of Shiva. Elements of this religious interpretation remain active in the Infinite Thunders Court up to this day, although they lack dharmic relevance.


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