The Watchers are a Methodology of the New World Order focused on surveillance, media, and communications.

They specialize in Correspondence and Forces.


The Watchers originate from the Great Housecleaning of the Union during the Victorian Age from remnants of the Cabal of Pure Thought. Their task was cataloguing the threats to reality, a task that costed many early members of the Methodology their life. In addition, their duties were expanded to keep watch on the Sleepers, monitoring for any threats that could arise from their midsts. In time, the Watchers began not only to monitor, but to influence, mainly via the modern media.

Many Watchers operated in Horizon Constructs that were cut off when the Dimensional Anomaly happened. This left only the field agents on earth, who have to work without the guidance of their superiors. The advance of the Internet further lead to create a new, specialized methodology from their ranks, the Feed.


The Watchers reinforce the static paradigm by influencing what the Masses see and hear. Evidence of the supernatural is suppressed, as well as anything that would jeopardize the Union's mission. The Union also uses their influence to subtly influence to Masses to accept certain new technologies. While the Watchers do not control the media, they are heavily involved in ratings businesses and advertising agencies that shape what the media projects. Some few claim that doing so is ultimately detrimental to the Union, because dulling the wits of the population as a whole cripples the vision of future Technocrats.

The Watchers do not only keep their eyes on the Masses or Reality Deviants. Even Constructs of the Union itself are known to have fallen under their gaze. Disloyalty is reported to superiors of other methodologies, who then deal with the offenders.


Since the media is a very broad field of work, the Watchers are organized into several specializations.

  • Field Observers: Observers often act within technocratic amalgams. Their primary task is recording what they see and report it back to the Ivory Tower for further analyzing.
  • Field Reporters: Reporters investigate stories of reality deviance and determine if the Operatives need to step in.
  • Lensmen: The lensmen work to keep the various agents of the Watchers in touch with each other, as well as acting as counter-intelligence agents that prevented spying on technocratic constructs or agents. They also were responsible for the installation of surveillance on Earth.
  • Gatekeepers: Gatekeepers remained secluded in Horizon realms and monitored the activity of New World Order sympathizers worldwide, using them to create global consent for technocratic actions.
  • Surveyors: Now lost, the Surveyors were the ones who oversaw and directed the efforts of the Technocratic Union within the Deep Umbra, often working closely with the Void Engineers.


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