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A Wasteland, or the Wasting of the Peaceful Range, is a side-effect of excessive use of Pyros. It is a frequent hazard of life for Prometheans, as the largest and most common concentrations of Pyros in existence.


Events that cause large surges of Pyros, such as the creation of a new Promethean, the manifestation of a qashmal, or the waking of a large pack of Pandorans, can trigger the formation of a Wasteland. Prometheans who stagnate during their Pilgrimage or remain too long in a completed Role can also cause Wastelands to form. For Prometheans with high Azoth, even spending small quantities of Pyros may be enough to start a Wasteland. Prometheans who form a throng with other Created of different Lineages are somewhat less likely to cause Wastelands, while a throng of the same Lineage exacerbates the effect.

Centimani may deliberately create Wastelands to revel in the destruction they cause. A Jovian Athanor will also turn its surroundings into a Wasteland. The Externalize Alembic of Disquietism allows the manipulation of Wastelands, which may incentivize its users to create them.


A Wasteland represents the breakdown of patterns and structure under the caustic effects of Pyros. Humans who linger in a Wasteland accrue Bashing damage, and objects begin to crumble. Additional effects are particular to the Lineage of the Promethean that triggered it: in a Frankenstein's Wasteland, for instance, extreme heat is normal and objects spontaneously burst into flame, while an Ulgan's Wasteland features a weakened Gauntlet where spirits can more easily cross over.

Wastelands vary in size and intensity; the smallest can be confined to a single room, while the largest spread across entire regions. Once a Wasteland comes into being, further expenditures of Pyros in the area may cause it to grow and fester. Wastelands also fester when the individual who triggered them remains within them for too long. In the most severe Wastelands, a spontaneous Firestorm may erupt.

Within a Wasteland, Prometheans find it harder to avoid Torment. More intense forms of Disquiet occur, and may become contagious, spreading to people who have never encountered the Created before. Performing the generative act in a Wasteland is more likely to produce Pandorans.

Repairing Wastelands

If the individual responsible for creating a Wasteland leaves, the Wasteland will gradually fade in intensity. A Wasteland can also be instantly cleansed by triggering a Firestorm, though this is extremely risky. Once purged by a Firestorm, an area may resist becoming a Wasteland again in the future.

First Edition

Wastelands are much more powerful in First Edition and much harder to escape. A Promethean stopping to rest for as little as an hour can create a Wasteland, and remaining within a mile of that place will cause the Wasteland to rapidly fester. The only way to heal a Wasteland is if the Promethean responsible for it dies or leaves the area for good.