The Wasteland effect, sometimes known by its old name Wasting of the Peaceful Refuge, is a reflection of the Disquiet from a Promethean on the very land around them. Prometheans who remain in an area for a long period of time begin to drain the life from the land itself, a side effect of the Azoth in their bodies. The effect starts with plants, spreads to animal life, and finally to humans and even other supernaturals. The only way to stop the spread of the wasteland is to remove the Azoth, which is either done by a Promethean leaving the area for good, or by killing the Promethean and in effect destroying the Azoth. It is because of the Wasteland effect that all Prometheans are nomadic and most tend toward isolation when they do find a place to stay.

The Wasteland does not take long to establish; a Promethean resting for an hour will taint the area immediately around him for a full day. If the Promethean remains within a mile of that place, the Wasteland takes hold and spreads. The longer a Promethean stays, the more the Wasteland spreads, with the outermost regions having the weakest effects and the center where the Promethean remains having the greatest devastation.

Aside from a general sucking of life, Wastelands manifest based on the Lineage of the Promethean that caused it. It generally reflects the key element the Lineage is based on. Frankenstein Wastelands are full of constant thunderstorms, representing their connection with electricity. The Galateids drain the air, making it stale and disorienting, while the Nepri dry and contaminate the water, and the Tammuz cause fertile land to grow sterile and large sinkholes to open around them. The Ulgan perhaps have the most dissettling, causing the very walls between the worlds of the spirits and the living to disintegrate.

The only way to weaken a Wasteland while still residing in it is to join a Branded throng of Prometheans of different Lineages; for some reason, a group of Prometheans joined in this matter slows the spread of the Wasteland where they are. Joining with Prometheans of the same Lineage actually increases the Wasteland's range of effect, but does not actually increase the strength of the effects or the speed that it spreads.


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