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The Warrior Setites or Warriors of Set are a martial bloodline of the Followers of Set who claim to be the direct servants of Set himself.


Not all Followers of Set are subtle, forked-tongued seducers. A number of them prefer to walk a more martial path, becoming holy warriors for their god. The Warrior Setites eschew the Obfuscate Discipline for Potence – no slinking in the dark for these serpents. They are proud and brutal soldiers for Set, and are perfectly willing to go into battle to back up their subtler brethren.

The Warrior Setites claim descent from the methuselah Wepwawet, worshiped as a war deity in ancient Egypt. While this is not literally true, it is a statement of an ideal. They act as enforcers, assassins, and even martyrs for the rest of the line, although thinking of them as mindless brutes is a mistake. A Warrior Setite is still very much a Setite, and quite capable of leading others into all sorts of temptation. They just have the strength to make their points forcefully when necessary.

The Warrior Setite line is interesting in that it is not passed down by the Embrace. A mortal Embraced by a warrior Setite becomes a "normal" member of the line (that is, learning Obfuscate as a Clan Discipline) unless trained as a warrior from childe-hood. The line is therefore an example of how training and ideology can change the basic makeup of a vampire's clan.

Warrior Setites generally Embrace passionate ideologues. The ideology that they espouse is not important. A fanatical Christian's fervor can be turned to Set as easily as the zeal of a pro-union rabble rouser, given the right amount of Kindred vitae and religious revelations from Set.


Like their parent clan, the Warriors are extremely susceptible to sunlight, and experience great discomfort when exposed to bright lights.


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