The Warg System is a disciplinary system created by Golgol Fangs-First to ensure garou efficiency while fighting the Amazon War.


A warg is a conglomerate of three packs, that would operate under the orders of one Battle Master, who would answer to a War Leader. Any transgressor would have to justify themselves before the chain of command up until Golgol, personally. As the Amazon War brings heavy losses to the Garou Nation, many positions in the Warg system are fluid, as packs fall and others move in to fill the losses.

From the moment the garou first discovered Pentex's plans for the Amazon, they have come in force. At first, the packs fought among themselves more than they fought Pentex. Since the arrival of Golgol Fangs-First, the garou have shaped up into an organized fighting force.

Golgol instilled discipline with the threat of death. This war was not to be taken lightly. It was a matter which concerned the entire Garou Nation and he used his knowledge of human fighting tactics to arrange his wolves into disciplined forces with a hierarchy of command.

This has worked incredibly well so far. Strengthening the basic social unit, the pack, Golgol realized that the competition must be directed against the enemy. The most rewarded packs are those with most enemy kills. Packs that fight among themselves are punished severely.

At one point, 190 garou were fighting Pentex in the Amazon, but causalities have reduced this number to 130. Golgol is desperately trying to draw more garou into the fight. He has begun recruiting cubs who have not yet undergone their Rites of Passage.


  • Pack - basic Amazon War unit, commanded by a pack leader; average of 5 garou. Types of packs: War, Borzoi (scout), Guardian.
  • Warg - commanded by a Battle Master, average of 15 garou. Consist of three packs, usually two War and one Borzoi. Caern Wargs have one War and two Guardian.
  • Moon - commanded by a War Leader, average 45 garou, consisting of 3 Wargs.
  • Ward - commanded by a War Chieftain, average 90 Garou, consisting of a caern and two Moons.

Leaders of the North WardEdit

Leaders of the South WardEdit


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