War in Concordia: The Shattered Dream is a sourcebook for Changeling: The Dreaming. It covers the political turmoil in Concordia after the disappearance of High King David and the slow slide towards civil war.

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Concordia Lies In Ruins

The High King has Disappeared. Dark gates to nightmare realms have opened. Concordia's dream of peace shatters into nightmares of warring factions. The Parliament of Dreams dissolves as contenders vie to take King David's place. Behind the scenes, the Shadow Court lurks, ready to grab the reigns of power. The time for change is at hand...

Children Of Discordia Arise

War in Concordia provides Changeling: The Dreaming Storytellers and players with the chance to forge new dreams from the ruins of old and battered visions. Includes the major contenders for power in Concordia, suggestions for waging large-scale battles and an in-depth look at how changelings go to war.

Peacemaker Edit

A tale of loss and rebirth

Introduction Edit

Chapter One: Parliament of Shattered Dreams Edit

This chapter provides a background to the conflict, provides a list of the factions involved and chronicles the onset of the war. It also describes, in brief, the impact of Concordia's troubles on fae realms in other parts of the world.

Chapter Two: Fields of Battle and Places of Refuge Edit

This chapter concentrates on the major locations of the war, with a focus on the Kingdom of Apples, the realm which first galvanizes into violent and irrevocable action. This chapter includes descriptions of embattled or contested freeholds as well as a few places of safety.

Chapter Three: Children of War and Peace Edit

Details the major personalities that figure in the war and gives updates on significant characters described in earlier supplements.

Chapter Four: Battlefield Dreams Edit

Gives guidelines for chronicles dealing with the material presented in this book. Descriptions of battle types, ideas for how to run mass combat (with and without dice), story seed for future events and ideas for how to integrate the war into your own chronicle appear in this chapter, along with some information on using questionable tactics on the battlefield.

Appendix Edit

New Merits and Flaws, a list of treasures and an arsenal of war gadgets.

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