War Wolves were the first successful created Mockery Breed.


Formed from genetic material of Garou as well as copious amounts of stolen DNA research, Pentex scientists managed to create perfect, custom-built killing machines, able to get close to their Garou targets and strike with the advantages of both surprise and overwhelming force.

War Wolves lack any form of higher intelligence and are no more clever than a starving dog. This makes them immune to the Delirium. As they lack the spiritual component of true werewolves, they have neither Gnosis nor Gifts, but show the same reaction to silver.

War Wolves can eat any meat, but only the flesh of Kinfolk or Garou can grant them any satiety, meaning that they spend most of their lives in near-starvation. Pentex tries its best to keep them away from Black Spiral Dancers, but accidents happen.


War Wolves are artificially created from captured dogs and wolves. So far, none have mated and Pentex scientists are not even sure if it would be possible.


The War Wolves' shapeshifting is mildly mystical in nature, but since they are only Mockeries, they can't manage any form other than Lupus or Crinos.


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