Wani, also known as Dragon Kings or Lu Lung, are terms used by the Nagah to describe the great dragon-spirits that act as patrons to their kind, the only spirits who know the Sacred Secret.


During the Age of Kings, the Wani were the Lizard Kings that led their faction of reptilian shifters into a separate breed with their own purpose. They sacrificed Mnesis in order to hunt and to punish those who would betray Gaia and founded the Nagah.

They later became spirits of water and venom, dedicated to guiding and protecting their kind. These spirits are distant relatives to the ancestor spirits of ancient Mokolé. They are responsible for teaching the Nagah their gifts and act in a similar way as totems to their progeny.

Today, the Wani are the true leaders of the Nagah, who dwell in Xi Wang Chi. They guide their descendants through the Sesha council.


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