Wan Zhu is one of the few Kindred of native Chinese origin. She once resided with her sire, Oliver Thrace, in the chantry located in the Sai Wan Western District.


Born in Gangdong, Wan Zhu left China at the time of the Cultural Revolution, knowing that – as an intellectual – she would not survive the cataclysmic change in her homeland. She escaped to Hong Kong, where she accepted a service as curator of the Museum of Chinese Historical Relics in Wanchai.

She attracted the attention of a distinct and gray "gweilo" who regularly visited the museum always before it closed at dusk. More and more frequently, Wan Zhu enabled him to stay there after closing the doors. Her genuine interest in Chinese culture won his respect, and she shared much of her esoteric knowledge with him.

One night he called on urgent business, saying he had acquired a rare jade artifact and wanted her to verify its authenticity before donating it to the museum. That night, in Wan Zhu's office, Oliver Thrace Embraced her and unlife began in clan Tremere. He also blood bound her secretly, despite the ban of his clan against the practice.

Wan Zhu was the eyes of Thrace in Kuei-jin community. She learned a lot about the Cathayans vampires and their society of "passage" for brief periods of time. Noting that her master is cursed with the damnation, she found herself caught between his resentment (and his authoritarian treatment) and their forced loyalty by blood bond.

She had hoped Thrace would flee with the other Kin-jin when China took over. She continues to do his will, but she plots to get rid of him some way to stop his cruel control over her. Zhu Wan resided in the Tremere chantry with her master and planned to find out.

Wan Zu fled Hong Kong once Thrace left and reached San Francisco, with several stolen grimoires from the Hong Kong chantry. She stayed in hiding until the blood bond had weaned and then contacted the leaders of the New Promise Mandarinate. In exchange for protection, she would offer her thaumaturgical insight. Despite concerns from some traditionalists, the leadership accepted her offer. Currently, her main work is finding a countermeasure against the wards placed by the Camarilla Tremere.


Wan Zhu is an elegant, mature woman whose eyes gleam with intelligence. She normally dresses in fairly traditional Chinese clothing and carries herself with an air of quiet dignity. She's learned to stay silent most of the time, speaking only when she needs to but listening carefully to everything going on around her. She typically wears her long hair bound up.

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