Wallow is a term used by the Mokolé shapeshifters to describe a home for suchid breed Mokolé and other crocodilians or reptiles.


Mokolé live much humbler lives than they did millennia ago. Their Dreams speak to them of past eons of saurian supremacy where their ancestors dwelled in herpetological luxury. But in the modern world, they maintain modest places where they can hide from those who would do them harm, spawning enough hatchlings to perpetuate their race. These breeding grounds are known as wallows, homes for the human and reptilian shapes they take.

Most wallows evolve in places where humans and reptiles can live side by side without raising overt suspicion: alligator farms in Florida, ruined temples to forgotten gods in India and along the Nile, riverside fishing communities in China, isolated hot springs in the Australian outback, and similar locales. Such places are few and far between; the human dislike of all things slithery and scaled is as deeply imprinted and ancient as the saurian’s own Dreams, and many humans look askance at those who interact with reptiles on a frequent and voluntary basis.


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