Waikiki Freehold is the County Freehold of Count Menhiron of the Kingdom of Pacifica on the island of O'ahu in Hawaii.


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Inward toward the mountains on O'ahu, although still within sight of Honolulu and Waikiki, is the freehold of Queen Aeron’s governor, Count Menhiron. It is located in a private mansion, once the property of a macadamia nut baron. It still appears as an affluent private residence to all mortals, but to the fae, it is a more wonderful palace of tropical royalty. The interior is an eclectic mix of Polynesian artifacts and old-style European décor (the governor is sidhe, after all)

Rumors of the opulence Yrtalien’s freehold have recently reached him, and the governor has begun to feel that he has been lax in his grandeur. In an attempt to correct this, he has set about improving his home away from home, vowing that Kithain the world over will come to envy his palace. He doesn’t realize yet that this is an insult to his queen, an attempt to outdo his liege. When she finds out, she will not be happy.

For now, it is still a nice place to visit. It is centrally located and near to just about any Waikiki or Honolulu location, so festivals and activities may be visited without an uncomfortable journey. The governor has a small fleet of fine cars that are at the disposal of his valued guests or that can be loaned with a chauffeur (for commoners on noble business; they aren’t trusted to go off with the cars by themselves).

At any time of the day, local nobility may be seen visiting the governor, either to take tea or chat politics. Commoners are also welcome if their business is not boring or tedious, and many arrive to give the governor a glimpse of a new local artist’s work or to tell of some interesting and optimistic news. Sometimes, these artists are invited to the house, as the governor’s mortal seeming is that of a wealthy patron of the arts.

Less idyllic activities may also be pursued here, since every court has its backstabbers. Spies for Yrtalien’s Shadow Court have recently been placed close to the governor, and they will be wary of any threat to Yrtalien or the Unseelie fae of Hilo. Certain local fae (not natives, but early immigrants) resent the return of the nobility and may secretly try to recruit the discontented to their side. They too have their spies in court.


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