Wadjet was a childe of Set in ancient times.


Wadjet is mentioned in the Isis Fragments as a loyal servant of Osiris until being seduced by Set and Embraced. However, she managed to break free from Set's grip when Osiris was treacherously imprisoned inside a sarcophagus made of gold and scented wood, prompting Isis and her son Horus to take shelter in the island of Chemmis.

Set conquered the throne of their nation and dominated the land unopposed, but Wadjet accompanied the pair of exiled gods along with Sebek (who, at the time, was the chieftain of the crocodile-folk who lived in the river Nile) and some of the Children of Bubasti. It is unknown what happened to Wadjet when Set finally found them, but we do know that Sebek was eventually turned into an Abomination by the Setite Antediluvian.


Wadjet's actions are recorded in the Isis Fragments and remembered by the Children of Osiris, but she has been stricken from the history of the Followers of Set.


For the historical Egyptian goddess, see Wadjet.


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